Geocaching……. what is it?hat is it?

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played by players equipped with a GPS or a smartphone. It consists of finding hidden containers, nicknamed geocaches, which contain small objects to be exchanged once the cache is found. A small notebook allows the geocacher to leave a trace of his experience, which he can then share with the rest of the community via the Internet.

Born in the 2000’s, geocaching has mainly developed thanks to the website (official website) and gathers a community of millions of geocachers on the planet.

How to play?

geocacheur Go to the campsite reception to getthe list and the coordinates of the geocaches located within 20 km of the campsite.

geocacheur Go on an adventure with a GPS or your smartphone with a GPS application.

geocacheur Keep a low profile when discovering the treasures. Write a note on the notebook and take a small object from the box without forgetting to put another one.

geocacheur Record the mystery words on the geocache list. And when all the geocaches are found, come back to the reception to check.

geocacher's equipment

Geocacher’s equipment :

  • before departure, bring small objects or gadgets to exchange with those in the treasure box
  • bring good walking shoes, a snack, a pen and water
  • do not go it alone

Here we go…

Practical informations

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