The Fierloz massif

It is located 50 meters from the campsite, and dominates the town of Artemare. This limestone plateau was formed 140 million years ago in the Jurassic Sea. This remarkable site is labelled as a Sensitive Natural Area. It is made up of Lapiaz dug over time by water infiltration. These lapiaz are a surface geological formation in limestone and dolomitic rocks created by rainwater runoff that cracks the rock, forming a rocky entablature. Numerous information panels will explain the richness of the site’s flora and fauna.

The Virgin of Fierloz overhangs a rocky promontory, 8 meters high, built in 1896, it was erected to pay tribute to the 14th centenary of the baptism of Clovis.

The Saracens occupied this land in the 10th century around 975. They had built forts to guard the village of Artemare. During these years, they martyred the population and spread terror.

Since then, this place is peaceful and has regained its calm and tranquility. The presence of pine trees on the path marks an exceptional climate at this latitude. In the spring, the numerous orchids testify to a very preserved environment, the box tree borer has unfortunately devastated the numerous box trees.

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