The Ain fishing federation has set up a departmental reciprocity to which 44 AAPPMA belong. You can fish on all the courses with the fishing card of one of these AAPPMA
The Ain federation adheres to an interdepartmental reciprocity system: EHGO

With your fishing card and the stamp (100€) you can fish in the 91 departments on the courses of the member AAPPMA.

The APPMA of BAS-Bugey, manages the fishing sector located between Anglefort and Brégnier-cordon, passing by Virieu le Grand and Champagneux.

You will find in management in this aappma, four rivers of 1st category (the SERAN, the FURAN, the GLAND and the ARENE)

There are many fishing lakes in the area:

The lake of Virieu le Grand

It is a 1st category lake very popular for fly fishing from October to March.

You will find mainly trout, pike and zander.

You can buy a day pass (10€) or a season pass (30€), they are sold at the press house in Virieu le Grand or at the tourist office in Belley.

fishing lake of Virieu le Grand
fishing lake

Lake of Hospitals

With a surface area of over 17 hectares, it is open from May to December. This is a private site. The quality of the water is exceptional, and the communication with the underground network means that its level varies according to the seasons and the vagaries of the weather.

Thus, its height varies between 7 and 13 meters with a relatively homogeneous bottom. The food is abundant and the carp have been able to reach an average weight of about 10 kg for some years.

The lake also encourages the growth of tench, which can reach up to three kilos.

The lake of Barterand

This natural lake in the heart of the Bugey mountains will allow you to fish for lavaret, perch, pike and carp.

fishing lake du bourget

Lake Bourget

It is also a fabulous place for fishing, it is the largest natural lake in France with 4450 hectares, it has a remarkable wealth of fish with 33 species listed.

Fishing site classified 1st category, you will find Fario trout, common perch, pike-perch, arctic char…

In Savoie, the fishing card can be for a day (14€), a week (33€) or a year (94€).

You can book it directly on the website: http://www. cartedepeche. en/

You can also fish in the rivers around the campsite:

The Séran

The Séran is a 1st category river for trout fishing. The last section starts from Artemare (waterfall) to the confluence with the Rhône.

Fishing for grayling has been banned since 2000, following the collapse of the population.

Seran River
The Séran River for fishing

The Arvière

TheArvière is the fourth river in the Ain department and the 25th in France to receive the “Wild River Site” label. “The Arvière is a river at the head of the Séran watershed, a tributary of the Rhône.

This 12.7 km long watercourse has been awarded level 1 of the “Wild River Site” label. It is part of the ENS (Espace Naturel Sensible) “Arvière and geological curiosities of Valromey”.

Its source is located in the commune of Brénaz (Arivière-en-Valromey) at an altitude of about 1220 m.

The confluence of the Arvière with the Groin is located in the heart of the commune of Vieu (Valromey-sur-Séran) at 390 m altitude. The label also concerns the Malageriaz stream and the Groin up to its confluence with the Arvière.

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