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caves of cerdon

The Prehistoric Park of Cerdon

(44 km from the campsite)

Where leisure and culture are mixed, you will learn the techniques of fire, you can discover the rock art or hunting.
Organize a day between the visit of the cave and the various activities organized by the park:

  • fire techniques
  • propulsion shooting
  • prehistoric jewelry
  • Neolithic pottery
  • prehistoric painting
  • archaeological excavations

The visit of the cave can be done in guided tour or in total autonomy, to you to choose. The park is open until November 5, 2021.

For more information: www.grotte-cerdon.com/
The address : Labalme – 01450 Cerdon
Tel : 04-74-37-36-79

The park is open from 6th April to 3th November 2024.
Small dogs are tolerated if they are carried in a bag or in the arms for the visit of the cave.

The caves of La Balme

The caves of La Balme

(58 km from the campsite)

A rare and exceptional natural site, the natural labyrinths, stalactites and stalagmites, underground lakes will be revealed to you during your visit.
A family visit of 1 hour where you may have the chance to see the bats, no less than 22 species present on the site, but also invertebrates cavernicoles (shrimps, beetles …)
After the visit of the cave, you can discover a sensitive natural area: the Coteaux de Saint Roch. This preserved natural area includes cliffs and dry grasslands surrounding the caves of La Balme.

For more information: www.grotteslabalme.com/
The address : Rue des Grottes – 38390 La Balme Les Grottes
Tel : +33 (0)4-74-96-95-00

The park is open from 6th April to 3th November 2024 .

The accrobranche in Hautevilles lompness

(20 km from the campsite)

Come and have a great time with your family on the Terre Ronde site in Hautevilles Lompness.

  • 9 courses in the trees and even the youngest, from 2 years old, can have fun.
  • 150 unique and original games including the famous zip lines over the lake on the red course.

To complete the day you will have the opportunity to discover the deval’ kart and the trottin’ grass.

For more information: www.aventuredubugey.fr
The address : 01110 Hautevilles Lompness
Tel : 06-83-39-10-47

The park is open from 13th April to 31th Oktober 2024.

The Lèbe observatory

The Lèbe observatory

(16 km from the campsite)

Situated at the pass of La lèbe, you will have the opportunity thanks to the planetarium to discover the milky way, the stars will not have any more secrets for you.

Many animations such as :

  • observation of the sun with an astronomical telescope equipped with a professional filter
  • the path of the stars: a playful stroll dotted with riddles
  • the discovery of the celestial vault .

For more information: www.observatoiredelalebe.fr
The address : le chemin des étoiles – le puy des Barres – 01260 Valromey sur Séran
Tel : 04-79-87-67-31

the site is open during school holidays.

The night in the stars savoie

The Village of Stars

(16km from the campsite)

Located in the heart of Valromey, in Ruffieu, the village of the stars is intended to make discover the stars, the universe to all. It is a school of astronomy, where you can discover the planetarium afternoons: equipped with a digital projector 360 °, you discover the starry sky in real time. It’s just fabulous, and all the more so because they are passionate people who will take you on this cosmic adventure.

For more information: www.randonnees-astronomie.com
The address : 95 route de Valorse – 01260 Ruffieu
Tel : 06-65-01-82-36

the site offers events during the school holidays.


The Génissiat dam

(39 km from the campsite)

It is the second largest hydroelectric dam on the Rhône in France.

At the time of its inauguration, it was the largest in Europe and contributed to France’s post-war recovery.
Over the years, it has become an essential industrial work. During the guided tours, we will focus on its role in history. Today managed by the CNR, it has become an emblematic central dam.

During 2 hours, you will be taken into the engine room, close to the turbines, transformers, a guaranteed immersion!

For more information: www.lescircuitsdelenergie.fr/fr/sites/genissiat/

The site only offers guided tours by reservation.
Dogs are not allowed on the site.

the house of Izieu

The house of Izieu

(34 km from the campsite)

It is a place of memory to understand the crime against humanity and to act against all forms of discrimination.
This house, created by Sabine and Miron Zlatin, took in about a hundred Jewish children from May 1943 to April 1944 to save them from anti-Semitic persecution.
On the morning of 6 April 1944, 44 children and 7 teachers were rounded up and deported under the orders of Klaus Barbie to Auschwitz, where they were gassed on arrival.
A guided tour will allow you to relive these moments through various poignant testimonies.

For more information: https: //www.memorializieu.eu/
The address :70 route de Lambaz – 01300 Izieu
Tel: +33(0)4-79-87-21-05

the site is open from 13th April to 31th Oktober 2024.
dogs are not allowed in the buildings, except for guide dogs.

the Fier gorges

The Gorges du Fier

(44 km from the campsite)

It is a remarkable curiosity, spectacular and narrow. 25 meters high, you will go along the river Fier on a footbridge fixed to the rocks.

For more information: https: //www.gorgesdufier.com/
The address : 74330 Lovagny
Tel: +33 (0)4-50- 46- 23 – 07

The site is open from 13th April to 13th Oktober 2024.
Dogs are tolerated if they are kept on a leash.

The Secret Gardens

(39 km from the campsite)

The secret gardens of Vaulx, on 7 000m2 you will stroll through the alleys discovering the different plants of the season. Planted with a lot of taste, according to the colors and the different heights of vegetation, a perfect harmony is obtained, you will be charmed by the numerous fountains, points of water which decorate this flowered park. Each garden has its own identity and originality and the 4 founding elements of secret gardens are present:

  • flowers and plants (perennials or ephemerals…)
  • wood (painted, turned, carved, sculpted)
  • water everywhere (fountains, water points…)
  • coloured lime mortar (screens, basins, etc.)

A magnificent walk of about 2 hours that is sure to enchant all plant and garden lovers.

For more information: https: //www.jardins-secrets.com/
The address : 1561 route de Lagnat – 74150 Vaulx
Tel: +33(0)4-50-60-53-18

The site is open from 7th April to 6th Oktober 2024.
Dogs are allowed on a leash.


The Sierroz Gorges

(34 km from the campsite)

These gorges are located in Grésy sur Aix, nearAix les Bains.

Since July 2021, this site has been reopened and has undergone numerous developments by the Communauté d’Agglomération du Lac du Bourget.

As soon as you arrive, you will be able to see the remains of the gorge’s dam and the pier that allowed navigation in this canyon.

The waterfall of Grésy has been fitted out and will allow you to enjoy the view.

For more information: https: //www.aixlesbains-rivieradesalpes.com/
The address : 165/167 route des Bauges – 73100 Grésy sur Aix
Tel : +33(0)4-79-88-68-00

The site is open all year round.
Dogs are allowed on a leash.

The Park of the Fauns

(49 km from the campsite)

Located in Fitillieu, the zoological park offers to discover a wide range of animal species and in particular the wild animals. The visit to the wolf area is a plus, as you can get up close and personal with the birds of prey to round off your visit to the park.

For more information: http: //domainedesfauves.com/
The address : 567 RD -1075 – 38490 Les Abrets
Tel: +33(0)4-76-55-28-88

The park is open from 17th February to 2th November 2024.
Dogs are not allowed on the entire site.

Walibi camping theme park

Walibi Park

(49 km from the campsite)

A family amusement park near the campsite

Located in Les Avenières in the Isère region, 30 km from the campsite, this family park will allow you to spend a day full of joy and madness with a lot of novelties this year.

A leisure park where you will find 25 attractions for young and old, each one will be able to find animations according to its age and its temperament.

Shows are scheduled throughout the day, so don’t forget to ask for the program at the entrance so you don’t forget anything.

Shops, restaurants, and numerous snack bars are waiting to provide you with all the comfort you need during your day.

An aqualibi area inside the park is available during the high season (mid-June to the end of August). Numerous slides, pools, paddling pool, are waiting for the families to spend unforgettable moments. So don’t forget your swimsuit!!…swimming shorts are forbidden.

Parking is free and you can book your tickets here. This will avoid waiting at the reception and you can enjoy the park more.

For more information: https://www.walibi.fr/fr/attractions

canoe kayak

Canoeing and Kayaking

(23 km from the campsite)

From the aqualoisirs base in Seyssel or from Chanaz, different formulas will be proposed to you: the small one, the classic one, the chanazienne one, the integral one, the bivouac eau lac, and the prestig’eau lac: according to your endurance: 1h, 2h, 4h or the whole day.

Come and discover the Rhône with your family through the Natura 2000 reserve. You can rent boats at the nautical bases of Seyssel or Chanaz. The entire Prolynx team is here to listen to you and advise you on the right course for you. No worries about security, they are professionals, they will accompany you at the start of your course and will be present at your arrival.

For more information: https: //www.prolynx-sports.com/
The address : 5 grande rue – 74910 Seyssel
Tel: +33(0)4-56-82-91-68

The site is open until the All Saints’ Day holidays.
Dogs are not allowed on the entire site.

Boat rental – Chanaz cruises

(15 km from the campsite)

Welcome to Chanaz: a beautiful village on the banks of the Savières canal, where you can stroll along the narrow streets to discover the many craftspeople who will share their passion and know-how with you.

You can take a boat and discover the region, or hire a small electric boat and cruise with a group or on your own – the choice is yours. There’s nothing more pleasant when the weather is hot than a leisurely stroll along the water and discover the region in peace and quiet.

This trip is very popular during the summer season, so we recommend that you book by telephone.

The rental period is from 13 April to 31 October 2024.

You can contact them by telephone on: 06-26-88-08-35 or by email: info@chanaz croisieres.fr

We hope you enjoy your cruise.

  wood museum in Lochieu

The wood museum in Lochieu

(10 km from the campsite)

The museum is housed in an old Cartesian farmhouse, and she wanted to highlight the place of wood in everyday life.
You will be able to discover a Bugist kitchen from the beginning of the century, a temporary exhibition is programmed every year on the ground floor.
Free or guided visit, you will be seduced from your arrival by this place.

For more information: https: //patrimoines.ain.fr/n/musee-du-bugey-valromey/
The address : 3 rue Centrale – Lochieu – 01260 Arvières en Valromey
Tel: +33(0)4-79-87-52-23

The site is open from 13th March to 3th November 2024.
Dogs are not allowed in the museum.

Groin spring


The canyon du Groin is one of the most beautiful in France. For all canyoning enthusiasts, this is a must. It has become more and more practiced over the last ten years and has gained international notoriety. It is exceptional because of its depth, its complexity with its many jumps and obstacles that follow one another
The river Groin is an atypical river, the erosion has dug many potholes and has formed a very deep labyrinth course.
This river is a resurgence and the flow of water can vary suddenly, that is why it is very important to check the weather and to check the flow of water upstream at the level of the water reservoir.
To start, a jump to enter the Groin canyon and then the crossing of 2 short and safe siphons.
The first part is very steep and therefore there is very little light, especially when the weather is overcast.
The second part is much less steep. Many jumps and swims follow each other during the course. The diversity of obstacles and the steepness of the canyon make it intense and sporty. A last jump of 12m finishes the course for the most courageous.
It is quite physical, and requires a certain endurance, it is very aquatic, you will be provided with a wetsuit (you must be able to swim).
Other canyons like Chaley or Tréfond-Pernaz are possible and more accessible for young children.

For more information: https: //www.lezard-des-bois.fr/
Tel: +33(0)6-80-45-93-00

The site is accessible all year round depending on rainfall.
Dogs are not allowed in this activity.

The Den of Mandrin in St Genis sur Guiers

The Den of Mandrin in St Genis sur Guiers

(38 km from the campsite)

This is an original, fun museum accessible to a young audience that traces the life of Louis Mandrin in the 18th century, a famous smuggler in Savoy.
Through 8 rooms you will discover the life of armed smuggling. The taverns and hideaways were familiar to him.

For more information : https://www.repaire-mandrin.fr/fr/
Address : 47 route de Pont de Bonvoisin – 73240 Saint genix
Tel: +33(0)4-76-31-63-16

The site is open all year round.
Dogs are not allowed on this site

La Rotonde Ferroviaire in Chambéry

(49 km from the campsite)

Chambéry’s exceptional railway location led to the construction of the roundhouse, to facilitate shunting and maintenance of the locomotives.
It is one of the last great achievements of a long-span articulated steel structure in France, this technique having then disappeared with the advent of reinforced concrete. It is composed of two parts: a ring 27m wide and a dome 55m in diameter. The building is 34m high, 110m in diameter and weighs 900 tons.
While the railway installations were targeted by the Allies, the roundhouse was miraculously spared by the 1944 bombing. When its destruction was envisaged in 1980, a few passionate railwaymen managed to convince the SNCF management to preserve this precious industrial testimony from the beginning of the century. It was classified as a historical monument in 1984.
Gradually maintained and restored by the SNCF, it is still used for the maintenance of about fifty locomotives. A dedicated area presents several historic electric locomotives, including the famous 2CC2 3402, which was the most powerful machine in the world in 1929.

For more information: https: //www.chambery-tourisme.com/noesit/!/fiche/rotonde-ferroviaire-81795/
The address :731 chemin de la rotonde – 73000 Chambéry
Tel: +33(0)4-79-85-71-39

The site is open but it’s necessary to reserve by internet.
Dogs are allowed, but you have to inform us when you make your reservation by internet.

The castle of Montrottier

(44 km from the campsite)

The castle of Montrottier invites you to a fabulous journey through time, fashion and culture. You will have the opportunity to walk in the gardens, a scenographic journey with fun and sound to meet the former occupants of the castle: the watchmen.
Children can dress up and it should be noted that during the season of July and August many activities are organized including shows of birds of prey, the night of the castles …. An interactive tour and you will go on a treasure hunt.

For more information: https: //www.chateaudemontrottier.com/
The address : 74330 Lovagny

The site is open from 6th April to 3th November 2024.
Dogs are accepted but small and held in the arms.

city of Chambéry

The natural history museum in Chambéry

(49 km from the campsite)

The Museum is now run entirely by volunteers from the Natural History Federation. Within the walls of the museum, thousands of species: animals, insects, molluscs… collected by passionate amateurs.

For more information: https: //www.chambery-tourisme.com/
The address : 208 avenue de Lyon- 73000 Chambéry
Tel: +33(0)4-79-62-18-68

The site is open from 01/01 to 31/12, every Wednesday from 14h to 18h.
Exceptional closures on January 1, May 1, May 8, July 14, August 15, November 1, November 11 and December 25.
For groups only, open by appointment every day from 8:30 am to 6 pm.
Dogs are not allowed.

butterfly museum

The butterfly museum in Faverges

(79 km from the campsite)

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, pleasure and culture: take a break in this Butterfly and Insect Museum.
Come and discover the world of the living and the infinitely small! This museum houses a collection of more than 5000 butterflies and insects. The first room is devoted to European and Siberian fauna.
The museum presents a rich overview of the butterflies and insects of the upper Amazon basin.
You will also be able to admire very spectacular butterflies and giant insects from Africa and Asia. Finally, you can observe phasms in terrariums.
There are only three such museums in France.

For more information: https: //museumfaverges.fr/
The address :le château – 293, chemin de la vie plaine -74210 Faverges /Seythenex
Tel: +33(0)7-78-41-33-51

The site is open all year round from Monday to Friday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm.
dogs are not allowed in the museum.

The Park of Merlet

(140 km from the campsite)

Facing the Mont Blanc, at 1500 meters, located in Houches, it is a nature reserve on a surface of 21 hectares of pastures, rocks and spruce forests, a fabulous park where many animal species are in total freedom and rub shoulders with the visitors.
8 species evolve in harmony: the marmot, the chamois, the ibex, the llama, the mouflon, the fallow deer, the sika deer, and the farmyard animals.
The green circuit lasts 1 hour, and the blue circuit lasts about 2 hours, allowing you to discover the entire park. Many animations are programmed in July and August, and you will be subjugated by the beauty of the place. For the amateurs of photographs you will not be disappointed.

For more information: http: //www.parcdemerlet.com/
The address : 2495 chemin de Merlet – 74310 Les Houches
Tel: +33(0)7-67-22-82-69

The site is open from 1th May to 30th September 2024.
Dogs are not allowed on the entire site.

La sambuy

The sambuy is a family resort that offers 4 seasons sled The resort offers a wide range of activities such as skiing, with 600 meters of descent through the forest, tubby jump, kart runnix, snow tubing, via ferrata, paragliding, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, explor ‘games.
A chairlift will take you to the top of the resort. You will have the possibility of accompanied walks from 30 minutes to 2 hours, accessible to all.

Formore information: https: //www.lasambuy.com/
The address : 6193 route de la Sambuy – la Vargnoz – 74210 Faverges Seythenex
Tel: +33(0)4-50-44-44-45

The site is open all year round
Dogs are allowed for hiking only but not for other activities.

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