The lakes

The campsite is located in the region of the 3 lakes : the lake of Bourget, the lake of Annecy and the lake of Geneva

Lake Bourget

Located 12 km from the campsite, The lake of Bourget is the wildest, it is the largest natural lake in France. It is surrounded by the Massif de l’épine, the Mont du Chat, the Chambotte, and the Mont Revard with the Massif des Bauges.

It offers breathtaking views, clear waters and a blue color. The romantic spa town of Aix Les Bains nestles in the mountains and is nestled on the edge of the lake, the coastline is wild and you can see the Hautecombes Abbey in the distance. It is in activity and is located in the village of Saint Pierre de Curtille. Cistercian abbey of the 12th century, it shelters the necropolis of the princes of Savoy. Of a pure Gothic troubadour architecture, its magnificent cloister can be visited today. The interior offers a profusion of low-relief paintings, statues and frescoes.

The visit is done with a guided audio headset.

Near the pier, the barge barn dating from the end of the 12th century has been a listed building since 1875. This building was once used to unload ships and store goods. Restored since 2007, it has become a privileged place of animations and temporary exhibitions during the summer season.

Numerous beaches line the lake and offer a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges. The beach of Chatillon at the end of the lake, the beach with its port in Aix les Bains will allow you to bathe peacefully in the turquoise waters.

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Lake Annecy

Located 48km from the campsite, it is the most touristic. You will see the castle of Menthon Saint Bernard on the heights, the port of Talloires located on the east bank offers a panorama of postcard. From the first beautiful days of spring you will see many boats, canoeists, windsurfers, fishermen, walkers, swimmers.

It is 14 kilometres long and 800 to 3300 metres wide. It consists of two basins: the small and the large lake.

The natural sites at the edge of the lake are numerous: the waterfall of Angon, the hike of the rock of Chère and at the end the natural reserve of the end of the lake.

This is an easy and pleasant 1.6 km educational trail that crosses a marshy area lined with a dozen educational and entertaining panels and winds through the various environments of the site.

Not far away you can discover the cave and the waterfall of Seythenex.

The mountains that border the lake are there to protect it: the Parmelan, the Mont Veyrier, the Teeth of Lanfon, the Tournette and on the other side the Bauges massif.

These massifs welcome hikers and bikers, you can choose different levels according to your level.

There are many beaches around the lake.

The 40 km tour of the lake can be done effortlessly by car, or you can take the bicycle path along the lake.

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Lake Aiguebelette

Located 48 km from the campsite, it means “beautiful little water” is a small lake, but nevertheless interesting, it is classified as a nature reserve.

Its aquatic environment, its wetlands, its forest slope and its archaeological remains constitute a remarkable heritage site.

Nestled at the foot of the Chartreuse Massif and the Montagne l’épine, this lake is renowned for its water quality and ecological diversity. Motorboats are not allowed on this site.

There are 7 beaches, all of which are supervised and chargeable in summer.

Lake Aiguebelette is world famous for rowing. If the activities are unavoidable, you can also practice paragliding, ulm, climbing or hiking.

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@ Savoie Mont Blanc / Boutet (Canoeing at Sougey beach – Lake Aiguebelette)

Canoeing at the Sougey beach - Lake Aiguebelette

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva or Lake Geneva:

Located 73km from the campsite, it is the largest and is nicknamed “pocket ocean”.

The French side of the river is 53 km long, and is home to two spa towns: Thonon les Bains and Evian les Bains as well as the medieval village of Yvoire.

Particularly urbanized, only 3% remains wild, the landscapes of postcards do not miss, that one is on the coast Vaudoise with its marinas and its vineyard in terrace of Lavaux or side France with the most beautiful village of France: Yvoire.

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@ Savoie Mont Blanc / Bijasson (Optimist on Lake Geneva)

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