Our favorites sites

Our favorites sites !!

Visites , activities , curiosities ,for all familie

nos coups de coeur the favorites sites of Hélène and Pierre

Market of producers all the saturdays ( from 8 am from 1 pm )

in the center of Belley . You will find a lot of local products : cheese , delicatessen and the fabulous blueberries pie

market belley

Chanaz , it's a very beautiful typical village in Savoie . You have the possibilitie to take a boat and discover the canal of Savières and the lake of Bourget .There are a lot of producers , may be you will find an original present for your familie .


L'abbaye d'Hautecombe , it's an abbey in activity , situated along the lake of Bourget . you have a headphones for visiting . It's great !!! it's traduces in 10 languages , it's for a lot of people .and the price ? for adults : 3,50€ and for the children until 18 years old , its free .

abbey hautecombe

Waterfull "Le pain de sucre" , it's a familial walk , situated in Brénaz .It's a stalagmit of rock .Durind the summer, there is not a lot of water , sometimes just before a storm .Today , there is a parking and a big indication when you arrive .

The "canyons de Thurignin" , a beatiful walk , where the water is everywhere .You crossed a typical "bugiste " village : fountains , wash house .You discover a natural site , canyons, swimming pools , was dug by the river The Seran .You can take beautifuls fotos , you will not be disappointed .

gorges de thurignin