The géocaching ....... what is it?

The géocaching is a play :treasure hunting game for all people who have a GPS or a smartphone.You must find article or objet .A little book allow to sign his name and the date .The interest of this game is simples rules , frienliness , and for all .

You can find all explications on the official website : www.géocaching.com .

You can discover all people who practice this activity in the wolrd .

How to play ?

1ère étape du géocaching the 1th stage: You have to go at the reception for a list géocache situated close to

campsite .

étape 2 de la géocache Let's go for the adventure.Dont forget your GPS or smartphone .

étape 3 de la géocache You must be discreet .Sign and don't forget to

write the date on the paper or the book.

étape 4 de la géocache . When you have find all the géocache ,don't forget to take a foto and post on instagram

l'équipement du géocacheurGéocacheur of equipment :

- before leaving, dont' forget to take little objets in a box for exchange

-you must have good shoes , a pen and a bottle of water

- not alone

Let's go .....