The lake from the sky

Come and live a unique experience!


A paragliding flight over the Lac du Bourget. A first flight on the largest natural lake in France. There is something for everyone, different formulas are offered: paragliding initiation, discovery or sensation.

Shiver with excitement at the top of the Col du Sapenay: the take-off runway.

The view on the lake of Bourget is in front of you, it seems so long, so calm from the air, admire its immensity bordered by mountains which fall in its waters.



Only 24km from the campsite

Takamaka will meet you at the top of the Sapenay pass (897m) to live an incredible adventure, from 10 to 30 minutes of flight with or without acrobatics, discover the lake from the air.

Under the benevolent and professional eye of your instructor, this unique moment is almost timeless. It’s just for you: enjoy this magical moment. Believe us, the landscapes seen from the sky are absolutely incredible.

And to immortalize this experience, a photo / video option is available.

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