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Do not hesitate and go for a refreshing swim in this canyon, you will be surprised by this wonder of nature and this during 2h30 of adventure.

The Groin canyon is one of the most beautiful in France. For all fans of canyoning this is a must for all canyoning enthusiasts. It has become more and more popular over the last ten years and has gained international notoriety. It is exceptional due to its depth, its complexity with its many jumps and obstacles that follow one another.

The river Groin is an atypical river, the erosion has dug many potholes and has formed a very deep labyrinth course.

This river is a resurgence and the flow of water can vary suddenly, that is why it is very important to check the weather and to check the flow of water upstream at the level of the water reservoir.

To start, a jump to enter the Groin canyon and then the crossing of 2 short and safe siphons.

The first part is very steep and therefore there is very little light, especially when the weather is overcast.

The second part is much less steep. Many jumps and swims follow each other during the course. The diversity of obstacles and the steepness of the canyon make it intense and sporty. A last jump of 12m finishes the course for the most courageous.

It is quite physical and requires a certain endurance, it is very aquatic, you will be provided with a wetsuit (you must be able to swim).

Other canyons like Chaley or Tréfond-Pernaz are possible and more accessible for young children.


Groin spring

Wood lizard

He has been practicing canyoning for more than 10 years and will be able to introduce you to this activity in complete safety. He will reveal some tips to reassure you at the start.

It is possible to relive these moments by taking video and photos throughout the course.

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