logo sites et paysages randonnée Many hiking trails are available from the campsite. You choose based on your training and your fitness, you will walk along the paths to explore:
- The Cerveyrieu waterfall (5.561 km path, entitled "petite balade à la découverte des trésors du Valromey")
- The plateau of Fierloz (5.150 km path), entitled "promenade botanique"
- Discoveries of natural resources (10.563 km path)
- The interpretation way of Artemare heritage

A Great Hiking path ("GR") Balconies of Valromay : 6 days of free hiking passing idyllic wild landscapes.

At the top of the Col du Colombier, many paths are possible (cards available at the reception). In Spring, you will see a multitude of colours: daffodils, narcissus, crocus, wild buttercups.

You can make your walk quietly thanks to this application :Cirkwi