Canyoning experience in the Bugey Gorge

Feel like adrenaline and aquatic adventures with friends or family? Discover the most beautiful Bugey canyon, expand your skills in a fossil canyon and enjoy the spectacular view from the top of a 60m waterfall.

The Vaugrais camping*** proposes to live an experience in the Bugey at the gateway to Savoy including accommodation in a mobile home or location for tent, caravan, motor home together with a canyoning activity with a state certified instructor to discover the canyon of Groin, the Fossil-Cerveyrieu Canyon and the Canyon of Séran located less than 3km apart.

Spectacular canyons for all levels

-Canyon of Groin: D4, 2 hours of descent, 120 m elevation, 1000 m in length. Strengths: most beautiful canyon of the Bugey, 12 m abseiling, long swimming parts including a magnificent part of almost 130 m underground.

-Fossil-Cerveyrieu Canyon: AD 2, 1h of descent, 65 m elevation, 50 m in length. Strengths: no water, short and diversified site, ideal to work on canyoning or caving techniques, 9 m slide and 40 m descent.

-Canyon of Seran: TD2, 3 to 4 hours of descent, 160 m elevation, 2.5 km in length. Strengths: deep potholes and bays, spectacular view from the top of the 60m waterfall in the end.