Le Grand Colombier

(about 13 km from Colombier) Backpacks, young and old, sportsmen or walkers are sure to find a hike within their reach. You can enjoy a 360° panorama view of Mont Blanc, the Bauges, Lake Bourget.

But if you decide to climb the Col du Colombier by bike, by the side of the Virieu Le Petit with slopes over 25%, you will be rewarded at the top with a breathtaking panorama view. A mountain restaurant at the top, "Le Relais du Colombier", will allow you to eat and discover the delicious blueberry pies.

The "Fêlés du Colombier" association organizes every Saturday from June to September the climb of the pass by bike (the road is closed to cars) - And maybe you will join the “Fêlés” if you manage to pass in one day the 4 slopes of the Col du Colombier.